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Welcome to DE CÉA. 

I have always had a deep appreciation for fine jewelry but often couldn’t afford the pieces I wanted.

What began as a hobby for myself extended into a pleasurable vocation, crafting together gifts for family and friends, I noticed that my passion for designing and creating jewelry was beginning to grow. As more and more people were gaining interests in my designs, requesting individual pieces unique to them, I decided to make the leap and start my own business where I could continue to follow my passion while also being able to share my love for fine jewelry with those around me.  

All items in our collection are handmade in Los Angeles by me -- Alessandra Vilches, designer and founder of DE CÉA. The name Céa descends from a long generational line of family heritage originating from Spain. The name for me carries the spirit of my grandmother Eliana. She was a lady of grace, class and sophistication and was admired and often referred to as "una santa" or " a saint" this, nostalgic essence of elegance, transcends itself into the inspiration behind our brand and the innovation behind every piece. Our jewelry is crafted using precious and semi-precious metals such as sterling silver, 14K & 18K gold and stainless steel. We incorporate carefully curated vintage pieces including gold-filled and sterling silver pendants, pearls, and other precious gemstones. 

We wanted to create long-lasting, quality pieces that could be worn in a layered fashion, or worn alone as more of a statement piece, for everyone and anyone. Jewelry that is Gender Free! DE CÉA is meant to feel like an extension of the Céa familia, and we want our customers to feel a touch of our personal history, and our charisma for specificity, as they choose to embrace their individual beauty with our pieces which we cherish and love.


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